Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud

Hermann Hesse

Anna provides a completely confidential, non-judgemental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in order to gain insight and discover a better way of living and being.

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If you feel that you have some difficulties, that are preventing you from engaging fully with life then counselling can help. Generally, people seek counselling for a variety of reasons, and usually want things to be different and have hope for a better future. Having the space and opportunity to explore these issues in counselling can give you the chance to look at a problem from a different point of view, whilst creating the time needed to compose a solution.

What can help when Grieving

Grief is an individual process, there is not a specific set of strategies to follow that will help everyone. What I have noticed through my work and personal experience is that we all find our way through by coping in a various of ways. In order to heal, we have to...
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How to help your child with anxiety

Does your child display some of these behaviours, If so they may be struggling with anxiety: Seeks reassurance often Avoids situations they feel worried or scared about try to get others to do the things they are worried about Tell you they have physical pains Dislike...
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Winter Blues

Most of us have heard of the phrase ‘winter blues” particularly at this time of year. It may manifest as an increased sense of anxiety about the end of the year and the upcoming holidays — whether that’s because of the challenges of managing family life or separation...
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Children and Grief

How can we support children in grief?   Explaining that a loved one has died to a child is a very difficult and upsetting task.   As a parent or loved one you will want to support them with their pain and loss.   It can be difficult to know how much information...
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Men and Self Care

Men need and benefit from self-care as much women do.  When committed to, it builds upon and creates a more positive relationship that you have with yourself.  It is vital for stress and mood management.  Knowing how to take care of yourself is a lifelong task.  It...
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How Therapy Works

How does Therapy work?   I am often asked by clients,   What will happen in a session?   How many times will I need to come?   How much does it cost?   In truth, the answer is that it depends……..   As a Humanistic therapist, I believe that the single most...
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Surviving Flashbacks

Many people with PTSD struggle in coping with flashbacks. Flashbacks are considered one of the re-experiencing symptoms of PTSD.  During a flashback, a person may feel or act as though a traumatic event is happening again.  Learning how to ground yourself is a useful...
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PTSD It’s to be expected to feel anxious and disconnected from life if you have experienced something traumatic. If you are struggling with symptoms and have been for more than a month it is possible that you are suffering with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)....
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X Box and its impact on your child’s brain

After noticing the impact that my sons X box is having on his mood and behaviour I have made the decision to reduce his time on it. Obviously, I have made myself fairly unpopular in doing so but it was a necessary choice.  We are two weeks in and its working wonders...
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Children, Therapy and Sand Trays

  Why Work Creatively?   I love working therapeutically with children and there are many benefits of working creatively with them.  Creative art therapies offer a non-intrusive way of working with and engaging children and young people who are experiencing...
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