About Counselling

Counselling can help when you feel you have some difficulties that are preventing you from engaging fully with life.  Generally, people seek support for a variety of reasons and usually want change and hope for a better future.  We often develop defence mechanisms, that come in all shapes and sizes, to survive stress,  loss and other difficulties in life.  This is often a neccessary survival strategy.   However, these defences can become outdated, kicking in automatically in inappropriate situations.   They may begin to impact on work, relationships and life in general.  Taking the form of unhealthy coping strategies, such as overworking or drug and alcohol misuse amongst others.

Having the space and opportunity to explore these issues in counselling, gives you the chance to look at a problem from a different perspective.   It creates the time needed to compose a solution, as well as the safe space required to rehearse and experiment with alternative strategies.

The aim of therapy is to give you a chance to establish your goals and to develop your own resources to cope with life’s challenges.  We can focus on you creating a more fulfilling and happier existence.

There may be a particular issue that is distressing you, or you may feel stuck or confused.  Whether you’re living with depression, anxiety,  addiction or any other emotional difficulty.   I can provide you with support, as you learn to negotiate ways of solving problems, improving relationships or changing patterns of unhealthy and outdated behaviour.

What might a counselling session be like?

Counselling is a personal process, there will be times during your therapy where it is necessary to talk about uncomfortable and painful things.  I would not say that there is a ‘typical’ session, or standard way of working.   I tend to use my intuition as well as a variety of skills to create a tailor made fit for each client.  I will review progress with you at regular intervals, so that you can identify and acknowledge your progress.  Although, not everyone that seeks counselling is in crisis, it is also a very useful and powerful personal development tool.  Clients often tell me that they have gained greater confidence and feel more able to move forward with life more effectively.



All information that you give me is treated in confidence.  I make brief notes of our sessions and these are kept in a locked cabinet.  I do discuss my work in professional supervision, but your full identity is not disclosed. If there should be a reason to contact another professional involved with you, I will not do so without your knowledge.  An exception to this is if there is a serious concern for your health or well being, or that of another person.



I offer a reasonable cancellation policy.  Ideally 24hours notice required otherwise full payment is required


Sessions are for 50 minutes weekly or fortnightly. If you are unable to attend your session I will do my best to rearrange a time in the same week, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

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