Stress can cause physical changes in our bodies which are designed to help us take on challenges or threats.
You may find that your heart rate increases, your breathing shortens, your muscles tense and you start to sweat.
This is the ‘fight or flight’ response.
Once the threat or challenge ends, these physical effects usually fade. However, if you are frequently stressed, your body can stay in a state of high alert and you may develop some of the stress related symptoms listed below.

Physical Symptoms

Pounding heart
Nausea, dizziness and vertigo
Generalised aches and pains
Lowered immunity
Bowel problems

Emotional Symptoms

Inability to relax
Feeling overwhelmed
General moodiness

Mental Symptoms

Difficulty in concentrating
Racing thoughts
Constant worrying
A negative outlook on life

Behavioural Symptoms

Sleeping too much or too little
Isolating from others
Nervous habits
Using alcohol or substances to numb difficult feelings