Self-Care for Women and why it’s Important

Self care?  When I ask clients how much time they spend on self care and what they do to look after themselves,  I usually get a confused look, then I often hear reasons why this can’t happen……..

“I don’t have enough time”  “well we just have to get on, don’t we?

Most of my female friends and many of my clients are a combination of employed and or parents/ single parents and this presents many pressures and responsibilities from different sources, societal and personal to name two.

It can be overwhelming at times.

As women we are naturally inclined to take care of others and with many of us balancing a hectic lifestyle, trying to take care of ourselves is harder than ever. I say to my clients,

“You can’t pour from an empty vessel”

Self-care involves treating yourself as kindly as you treat others, i might not come as naturally and it is essential part of a happy and healthy life. If looking after yourself comes with barriers, then I suggest that you think about, what advice would you offer a friend? if they were run down and struggling?
I urge most of my clients to make the time to fit self-care into you week.

“Little bits when you can”.

Below are four easy steps that you can take to incorporate self-care into your lifestyle:

Begin with what works for you

What is it that you need in your week to help relax your mind and de-stress your body? Maybe it’s spending quality time with a loved one, exercising, taking a hot bath. Following a guided meditation, self-care needs to become your own personal escape and is there to support and revitalise you.


Self-care is anything but selfish. For many of us, if we do not take care of ourselves then no one else will.  It’s important for women to make self-care a priority in their lives so that they can live happy and fulfilled lives.

 Little and Often

Time is often an issue, Even a 10-15 minute self-care activity on a daily basis can show enormous health benefits.

Make time for it

Usually we are so busy throughout the week that we forget to take time for ourselves. Try setting a reminder on your phone to make some time. Benefits include improved immunity, thinking more positively and it makes us more resilient to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues.

Taking time out to care for ourselves helps remind us and others that our needs are important, too.  Feeling well cared-for leads to feelings of calm and relaxation, and expresses to others that we value ourselves which contributes to lasting feelings of wellbeing.