5 Benefits of Working Out with a Partner


Exercise and its benefits are widely known, anyone that I talk to, that commits to regular exercise often describe it as their ‘therapy’.  In fact, there is research that supports this, and suggests that an hour of exercise is equal to a therapy session.  Most people that exercise regularly report that it makes them feel less anxious and reduces the effects of stress.  This reduction in stress is partly, due to the chemicals we release into our brains when we exercise.  These include dopamine and serotonin which effect us by generating a feeling of general well-being and positive mood.

When I collapsed on to the exercise mat in the gym earlier this week, it made me think of the benefits of having a workout partner.   She had forced (encouraged!!) me to complete an extra 30 seconds when planking.  That, is harder than it sounds I promise.  Left to my own devices I would have allowed myself to be defeated by the voice inside saying “I Can’t do anymore”!  Working out with someone else that you connect with and share similar fitness goals, can offer an abundance of benefits.  It’s much easier to stay on the treadmill when you have a workout partner to support and encourage you.  This encouragement to add more weight, do additional repetitions or run one more mile will help you increase your fitness goals.

Training in tandem ups your accountability and intensity.

Here are 5 reasons why…..

Personal and Joint Accountability

It’s can be tempting to make an excuse to skip a day of working out when you exercise alone and only have yourself to be accountable to. However, if you have committed time to train with a friend, it definitely increases the chance that you will stick to your workout plans. Knowing that you will let someone else down if you cancel, will encourage you to fight through fatigue and stick to your commitment. Having someone to workout with means fewer excuses and more accountability and increased commitment. A win:win situation all round.


There’s power and confidence in duos. When you have someone else to train with you it can feel less intimidating to start using the gym, going to new classes, or trying out new equipment that you haven’t used before. Increasing the intensity of your workout and sharing the results together, will significantly increase your confidence.


This particularly applies to exercises like lifting weights, where your workout partner can check on your technique and that can help you to avoid injuries.

It’s More Fun!

You can create a committed and serious workout, without being serious, in fact it’s more fun. The more enjoyable and fun your workouts are, the more you will commit to them in the long term. A workout partner will make your workouts more fun. Working out alone can become lonely or boring, so just having that social contact – being able to laugh, encourage and motivate – will make them much more enjoyable.

Goals and Achievements

It can be helpful to set workout goals in order to maintain motivation and progress for both of you. The goals don’t need to be difficult, I believe that small changes leads to big changes and that targets and goals need to be achievable.

Think SMART…….

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Achievable
• Relevant (realistic).
• Time limited

The reward for following through and meeting your goals will be even sweeter if you have an exercise buddy there watching you progress and congratulating you when you achieve there results that you have been working for.